With Spear Technologies,
you have the most feature
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Spear Technologies Inc. is a core system development firm for the property and casualty insurance sector, launched by experienced insurance industry executives.

Spear’s platform is the first in the P & C sector to leverage the extraordinary capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform.

Its initial product, SpearClaims, is the first core system based on this platform delivering a new level of performance with all the functionality needed for claims management for all lines of insurance.



SpearClaims™, an enterprise P & C system, is the company’s initial product. Designed by industry veterans, SpearClaims™ is a multi-line claims administration system that handles everything from multi-jurisdiction workers compensation to commercial and personal auto to property, and even homeowners. Read more about
SpearClaims™ Advantages.




With SpearClaims, your operations will be able to bring a new standard of speed, control, and results to your claims organization.

Beyond the typical capabilities of adding new data elements to your system, Spear enables your organization to respond immediately to almost any business requirements that various stakeholders may ask for. Add new fields, pages, and even extend with building new modules and subsystems without the delays you are used to.
SpearClaims™ is an AI-First Claims System designed to maximize Process Automation, Cognitive Insight and Cognitive Engagement

  • Process Automation: From regular back office tasks to complete straight-through processing of claims.
  • Cognitive Insight: Machine Learning used to detect fraud, predict litigated claims, estimate reserves/settlements and other decisions requiring predictive analysis.
  • Cognitive Engagement: Use of natural language processing chatbots and intelligent agents to engage customers, employees, vendors and partners.
Create a data-driven culture and empower team members to discover insights hidden in your data. SpearClaims™ provides the tools that will enable key decision makers with the metrics to do their jobs rather than eating up time struggling to get what they need.

Additional systems for policy administration and billing are coming soon. Let us know your needs and we can work with you to quickly meet them.


The Spear Technologies platform offers unparalleled advantages for all P & C insurance lines.

With Spear Technologies, insurance carriers, pools, third party administrators and self-insured employers enter a new era of rapid customization, superior business intelligence, and long-term control.

Speed and agility to rapidly meet client’s specific requirements

All the latest innovation in one platform

Lower development costs and greater efficiency

The ability for everyone to extend the application

Pointing the Way
to the Future

Spear Technologies is disrupting the world of property and casualty insurance enterprise systems with the first applications harnessing the capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform. Spear breaks the cycle of dependence on vendors and legacy systems, giving insurers control over customization and efficiency by leveraging the capabilities of the Microsoft ecosystem.

Developed by experienced P & C insurance and technology industry veterans, Spear Technologies’ systems encompass all lines of P & C insurance.

Spear’s Innovation Overcomes:

  • Slow cumbersome systems that are often bought and sold, interrupting continuity and service
  • Dependence on vendors for changes needed today
  • Costs and delays in customization. Now changes can easily be made internally or Spear can make them quickly, without requiring a lengthy wait for a “new version”


  • Power Apps Developer

    POSTED | July 14, 2021

    Spear Technologies is an exciting new software company in the Insurance sector. Spear is looking for an experienced Power Apps developer to work on its core product.