Legacy P&C Insurance Suite Solution

Policy, CRM, Billing, and Claims

Connections™ has been supporting customers since 2010 and boasts support for more than 15 commercial lines of business, including workers’ compensation, spanning every state in the US. Today Connections™ supports more than 40 small to mid-size insurance organizations from small pools and self-insured groups, to larger multi-state carriers and third-party administrators.

Connections™ is now replaced by Spear Suite™ in the marketplace, however the solution remains viable and is well supported for many, many years to come.

Connections™ In a Nutshell

Since 2010, the Connections™  suite has served as the flagship all-in-one, highly configurable, cloud-hosted comprehensive insurance administration solution.

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Connections™ Technology

The technology behind Connections™ has allowed it to be ahead of its time and capable of supporting a broad array of configurations. 


Built on the reliable Microsoft .NET Framework with a Microsoft SQL Server database.


Nothing to install! This browser-based user interface is easy to use and intuitive.


No hardware needed! Built from the ground-up to operate fully in the cloud and managed by Spear.

Want to see what the future has in store?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Connections™ available as a full suite solution?

Yes! Connections™ can paired with SpearClaims™ and SpearPortal™ to deliver a full suite solution. Note: Prior to 2021, Connections™ Suite was pairs with Claims 2.0, a solution no longer avaialble for purchase and replaced by SpearClaims™. 

What’s the difference between Connections™ and SpearPolicy™?

Connections™ and SpearPolicy™ are both policy administration systems developed and supported by Spear Technologies. Connections™ was first developed in 2010 and is currently supporting 40+ insurance organizations. Connections™ is a robust and feature-rich browser-based solution best suited for small- and mid-size insurance organizations. Connections™ is known for its user friendly design, flexible configuration, and rich feature set. SpearPolicy™ is the next evolution in insurance core solutions and is part of the SpearSuite™, an end to end solution built on a low-code platform intended for the ultimate in flexibility, automation, vendor-independence, and adaptability. This solution offers many advantages with regards to automation, advanced workflows, analytics, and seamless integration with other suite solutions by Spear. Both Connections™ and SpearPolicy™ are viable options, actively developed, and fully supported.

What type and size insurance organizations will Connections™ serve best?

Connections™ is a multi-line, multi-state property and casualty core insurance solution best suited for small to mid-size insurance organizations such as self-insured groups, small carriers, risk retention groups, pools, and captives. Whether you’re a startup looking for your first system and trying to ditch the spreadsheets, or an established business seeking a more modern and technologically advanced solution, Connections™ is a great solution for your business.

My organization is currently using Connections™ . Is there a path forward with SpearPolicy™ when we are ready?

Absolutely! While both Connections™ and SpearPolicy™ are excellent solutions, there may be reasons your business seeks the benefits of SpearPolicy™. We offer a migration path to move from one solution to the other in an efficient manner inclusive of data migration, training, and on-going support. To start down that path, please schedule a demo with us and we’ll get the process started from there (sales@spear-tech.com).

When will Connections™ be sunset and no longer supported?

There are no current plans to sunset Connections™ in the foreseeable future as it remains a vibrant and viable solution. Connections™ remains a marketed product and new deployments as current as 2023. Connections™ remains in Mainstream Maintenance & Support.

Which lines does Connections™ support?

While the solution can be configured to support additional lines, today Connections™ supports production operations with workers compensation, general liability, automobile, errors & omissions, excess liability, fidelity & crime bond, medical malpractice, mobile equipment, pollution liability, product liability, professional liability, property liability, surety, and property.

Has Connections™ gone by other names in the past?

The rich history of Connections™ has seen the product by both “CHSI Connections” and “Insurium Connections” in the past. Today is simply known as Connections™.

What is the status of Claims 2.0, the legacy light weight claims management solution?

Claims 2.0, as the solution became known as, is no longer available for purchase and is scheduled to be sunset January 1, 2025. Claims 2.0 was only available as part of the Connections™ enterprise suite and it was not sold as stand alone solution. All current customers on this solution will be offered a deeply discounted migration to SpearClaims™ on, or before, the sunset date. Claims 2.0 in Extended Maintenance & Support thus providing existing customers with regular support services and maintenance for essential security updates.

CHSI Connections™ is a registered trademark of CHSI Technologies Corp DBA Spear Technologies.