Spear Technologies and George Hills have partnered on two technology initiatives and plan to commemorate the progress they’ve made at the California Joint Powers Association (CAJPA) Conference in South Lake Tahoe, Sept. 13 – 16. At the show, Spear Technologies will be at booth #206 and George Hills at booth #220.

Earlier this year, George Hills went live on Spear’s cloud-hosting environment, SpearCloud. Since then, George Hills has selected and started implementation of SpearClaims, Spear’s claims system built on the Microsoft Power Platform, and upon which George Hills will “go live” this fall. As a third-party administrator (TPA), George Hills provides claims services to California public and private entities, as well as insurance carriers. It will use SpearClaims to manage claims for multiple lines of insurance, including auto liability, general liability, property, and more.

“It’s been great to work with a TPA of George Hills’ caliber. Their organization is dedicated to providing personalized service to customers. To aid in this endeavor, their leaders have utilized cutting-edge cloud technology and low-code / no-code platforms to facilitate efficient operations and enhance overall programs,” said Jose Tribuzio, CEO of Spear Technologies.

“In our partnership with Spear, we’ve hit several milestones,” said Chris Shaffer, COO at George Hills. “First, we moved our infrastructure to their cloud-hosted environment, and now, we’re configuring their claims system to enable a highly automated and electronic claims process. We decided to announce these milestones at CAJPA, as both of our organizations will be exhibiting at the show, and we both have a long heritage of serving public entities and their JPAs.”

Brian Mack, CRO at Spear Technologies, added, “Many public agencies attend CAJPA to learn best practices from their peers. They’re eager to hear from innovators, like George Hills, that have undergone a digital transformation. Chris and his team are taking a Microsoft-centered approach, which includes Azure, OneDrive, Microsoft Business Central, and Office 365. SpearClaims fits into this IT strategy because it’s built on the Microsoft Power Platform.”

One of the things that George Hills appreciates is that SpearClaims comes with all the benefits of the Power Platform. “For example, we have the peace of mind in knowing this platform provides a high level of security to safeguard our customers’ data. And the platform will enable us to improve interactions with our customers, as well as our business partners,” said Shaffer.

“Most importantly, we’ll have the ability to innovate far into the future. SpearClaims and its platform come with many ready-made solutions, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and electronic processing. We are already beginning to utilize electronic payment rails to expedite secure payments to customers and claimants, and we look forward to providing new and improved services, as well as further enhancing our programs for customers,” said Shaffer.

George Hills is a well-respected TPA and JPA management firm. The organization strives to provide the best solutions to its clients and to serve as a true partner. George Hills serves over 300 public and private sector organizations, including cities, counties, school districts, joint powers authorities, transit, insurance carriers, and private sector organizations from a broad spectrum of industries. It strives to provide an unmatched level of service, to foster trusted relationships with customers, and to deliver quantifiable results. For more information, visit

Spear Technologies aims to provide property and casualty insurance companies with an enterprise claims management system for the future. Developed on the Microsoft Power Platform, SpearClaims delivers unparalleled control, speed, and results. By leveraging this top-rated low-code / no-code development platform, Spear Technologies empowers companies with the ability to easily and quickly configure and tailor SpearClaims to meet their unique needs. SpearClaims’ architecture provides the capabilities for using built-in AI and automation tools to extend an organization’s capabilities, as well as to ensure competitive differentiation and results. For more information, visit



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