Insurance organizations have long aimed to optimize processes and fully leverage their claims data. One factor that’s held them back is outdated technology. Many are still hanging onto legacy systems that have been in place for 10 years or longer. These systems are built on archaic infrastructure, while today’s latest platforms have the potential to get us to that futuristic scenario where operations are automated and data yields insights and intelligence to improve costs, outcomes, and performance.

Microsoft: A Leader in Many Categories

As its name suggests, the Microsoft Power Platform is extremely powerful. And when you combine it with Microsoft’s other tools—such as Office 365, Power Automate, Power BI, Azure, and hundreds of other Power Apps—you’ll be able to build and customize an end-to-end business solution that can meet the unique needs of your organization.

The many advantages of Microsoft offerings continue to come to light, especially as industry analysts identify the company as a “Leader” across many technology categories. Such prestigious distinctions are another reason to consider insurance solutions built on the Microsoft Power Platform. Recent distinctions include the following:

Leader in Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms.
Gartner has recognized Microsoft Power Apps as a Leader in Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms. Over the past few years, Microsoft increased its investment to become one of the world’s most comprehensive low-code application development platforms.

When becoming a SpearClaims customer, companies also secure licenses directly from Microsoft for the Power Platform and Power Apps. As such, organizations remain in the driver’s seat. If they want to create something new or make a change—like modifying a complex business process—they can do so because the power and control remain in their hands.

According to Microsoft, 92% of Fortune 500 organizations are using Power Apps to rapidly adapt and provide customers with streamlined digital experiences on a secure, scalable platform. Read the five reasons Power Apps is a leading low-code platform.

Leader in Automation.
Gartner has recognized Microsoft Power Automate as a “Leader” in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Our SpearClaims solution utilizes Power Automate to take claims automation to the next level, and as a result, our clients can reap significant benefits and ROI. Read more about Power Automate’s strengths on the Microsoft site, where there’s also a link to Gartner’s recent report.

Leader in Business Intelligence.
Forrester ranked Power BI as a “Leader” in enterprise business intelligence platforms. Forrester said it was “hard not to consider Power BI as your top choice for an enterprise BI platform.”

Within the property and casualty insurance industry, our clients have sophisticated BI needs. SpearClaims takes advantage of Power BI, so our customers have access to market-leading dashboards, data visualizations, and reports. Read more about Power BI’s capabilities on the Microsoft site.

These Microsoft highlights speak to the strength of our claims solution SpearClaims, as it’s built on the Power Platform. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading from a legacy claims system to a more modern solution, SpearClaims can provide the control, speed, and results you’re looking for.

By leveraging our low-code / no-code development tools, you’ll be able to easily and quickly configure and tailor SpearClaims to help facilitate your vision for the future. With SpearClaims, you ca also access built-in AI and automation tools to extend your capabilities for added differentiation and results.

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