Claims Administrator Selects SpearClaims™ for Cutting-Edge Low-Code / No-Code Technology Platform

Corte Madera, CA (June 7, 2021) – Spear Technologies, the first and only insurance solutions provider to develop applications using the Microsoft Power Platform, today announced its first customer, Pacific Claims Management, a third-party administrator (TPA) that serves the workers’ compensation market. Pacific Claims Management has selected SpearClaims for its cutting-edge technology platform, which will help the company streamline workflow, drive continual cost savings, and facilitate optimal claims outcomes.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Pacific Claims Management again,” said Jose Tribuzio, CEO at Spear Technologies. “We had the privilege of working with Jerry and his team on a previous implementation. Since that time, there’s been significant progress in the fields of software development and artificial intelligence, which SpearClaims takes full advantage of. Wanting to be on the technology forefront, Pacific Claims Management decided to migrate to our solution. Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, SpearClaims will support Pacific Claims’ growth and enable it to implement even more sophisticated claims-management strategies.

Pacific Claims Management has a history of fostering long-term, trusted partnerships with its client base. Its claims-management strategies have helped to aggressively contain claims costs, while also bringing about best-possible medical and return-to-work outcomes for injured workers.

“In the last several years, technology has dramatically evolved,” said Jerry Laval, President of Pacific Claims Management. “When we found out there was a claims system developed on the Microsoft Power Platform, we jumped at the opportunity to modernize. Our IT department believes the Power Platform is the wave of the future. It will bring all of our data and systems together, while simplifying our processes.”

“Pacific Claims Management has long been a leader in claims management, providing clients with creative, customized solutions to today’s most pressing challenges,” said Brian Mack, CRO at Spear Technologies. “With the use of a comprehensive low-code / no-code platform, SpearClaims will enable Pacific Claims to easily configure and use robotic process automation (RPA), AI capabilities, virtual agents (bots), and portals that support the vision for their business and customers. This platform provides them with an unprecedented level of control and speed.”

“Workers’ compensation is a highly regulated industry,” added Laval. “Every year, there are more requirements to which our claims staff must adhere. SpearClaims will make it easier to facilitate any new mandates and process requirements. System functionality is so easy to set up and modify that everyday business users can do it. Enabling users to become ‘citizen developers’ means we can leverage the ingenuity of our frontline staff to tackle problem areas.”

“Jose, Brian, and their development team have extensive experience in delivering innovative solutions; they have a track record of success and customer satisfaction. As we move into the future of claims, we know we’re working with the right technology partner,” concluded Laval.

About Pacific Claims Management
Pacific Claims Management became a licensed third-party claims administrator in 2011, giving California employers the value of responsive performance, reliable accountability, real transparency, and refreshing honesty. Pacific Claims Management continues to work closely with its clients, building long-term, trusted relationships, and offering meaningful consultation related to claims-handling efficiency, effectiveness, and cost containment. Since 2008, Pacific Claims Management has helped dozens of employers become stand-alone, self-insured entities and achieve incredible savings. For more information, visit

About Spear Technologies
Spear Technologies aims to provide property and casualty insurance companies with an enterprise claims management system for the future. Developed on the Microsoft Power Platform, SpearClaims delivers unparalleled control, speed, and results. By leveraging this top-rated low-code / no-code development platform, Spear Technologies empowers companies with the ability to easily and quickly configure and tailor SpearClaims to meet their unique needs. SpearClaims’ architecture provides the capabilities for using built-in AI and automation tools to extend capabilities for competitive differentiation and results. For more information, visit



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