Today, low-code / no-code development platforms (LCDP) are growing in popularity – and with good reason. They enable a “clicks not code” approach to building and configuring applications that can power your entire enterprise.
At Spear Technologies, we were early adopters, building our flagship product, SpearClaims, on the Microsoft Power Platform – a truly “powerful” LCDP as its name suggests.

Now, we’re sharing our knowledge of LCDPs, specifically of the Microsoft Power Platform, via our newly launched blog. Through ongoing posts, we’ll outline the advantages we’ve seen in developing on a LCDP, and we feel clients, the insurance industry, and developers can gain valuable insights from this experience.

Clients, in particular, can reap significant value. Of course, they receive SpearClaims from us, but they also license the Power Platform directly from Microsoft. This gives them an unprecedented level of control. Our blog provides an insider’s track on how clients can quickly leverage the platform’s inherent capabilities to achieve greater business value.

We’ll show clients how to take advantage of what’s already there, such as seamless integration with Microsoft’s other tools, pre-built AI modules, automated workflows, bots, and analytics. See how we did it, so you can leverage the benefits.

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