DENVER, CO – Spear Technologies (“Spear”), a leading provider of property and casualty insurance software solutions, has been named a Technology Standout by Celent in their Claims Systems Vendors: North American P&C Insurance 2024 report.  

SpearClaimsTM is an integral part of SpearSuite TM, which includes claims, policy, billing, and portal core insurance software solutions. These solutions incorporate artificial intelligence and deep analytics to reduce claims losses and oprational risk, while improving pricing and risk selection leading to improved underwriting and loss ratios.

Celent, the leading research and advisory firm focused on technology for financial institutions globally, has rated Spear as a Technology Standout for its excellence in technology modernity, stating “Spear Technologies’ SpearClaims TM system is an advanced and versatile claims management solution, particularly suitable for insurers seeking innovative features and strong technological integration. SpearClaims TM is ideal for insurers who are looking for a modern, technologically adept solution with a focus on analytics and operational efficiency.

Spear’s integrated AI and deep analytics provide insurers with actionable insights and better decision-making capabilities. This enables them to significantly improve their ability to process claims, assist customers with filing claims, automate work assignments, identify trends, and leverage predictive analytics to identify potential litigation and fraudulent claims.

“We’re thrilled to be recognized as a Technology Standout by Celent,” said Jose Tribuzio, CTO of Spear Technologies. “It validates our offer as one of the most advanced P&C core software solutions designed from the ground up, enabling insurance organizations of all sizes to leverage these technologies for driving meaningful business outcomes, enhancing operational efficiency, and delivering unparalleled value to customers.”  

About Celent

For over 20 years, Celent has helped senior executives make confident decisions around their technology strategies to execute at scale. As the financial services industry rapidly evolves, there is more complexity, with new regulations, startups, technologies, and applications to stay on top of and prioritize. Celent helps insurers connect this ever-changing puzzle by offering objective advice and clarity, backed by a database of thousands of solutions and award-winning global best practice use cases. With real-life domain expertise, Celent also guides you through the maze of emerging tech in the pursuit of value.  For more information about Celent visit   

About Spear

Spear Technologies is a leading provider of core software solutions systems for the P&C insurance industry.  Spear’s innovative software solutions empower insurer organizations with unprecedented speed, control, and results.  Spear’s latest solutions take advantage of the low-code Microsoft Power Platform™ and offer built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics, Chatbots, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to achieve better results. Spear’s cloud-based claims, policy, billing, and portal solutions enable organizations to easily configure their systems to align with their unique and ever- changing business needs, while simultaneously leveraging emerging technologies to improve results, gain efficiency, and adapt to the modern workforce. For more information about Spear Technologies visit   


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