Corte Madera, CA (May 2, 2022) – Spear Technologies, the first and only insurance solutions provider to develop applications using the Microsoft Power Platform, today announced that George Hills has “gone live” on SpearCloud, its cloud-hosting environment. George Hills provides the self-insured market with claims, litigation, and JPA management services for the property, liability, and medical malpractice lines of insurance.

“We’re excited to have this opportunity to work with George Hills. The organization is a true partner to public and private sector organizations. The leaders at George Hills are innovators, always striving to provide improved service and solutions to their customers. The organization’s transparent approach makes it one of the most respected TPA and JPA management firms in the market,” said Jose Tribuzio, CEO of Spear Technologies.

Chris Shaffer, COO at George Hills, commented on the steps leading up to his company’s need to move to a new cloud-hosting environment: “In 2021, we made the strategic decision to migrate our entire infrastructure to Azure, a cloud platform operated by Microsoft. We also made the commitment to leverage Microsoft products across our enterprise.”

In sync with this strategy, the company decided to migrate its existing claims system to a new cloud-hosting vendor. SpearCloud met all of its requirements, particularly since it used Azure.

“Many organizations like George Hills already have an existing insurance solution hosted on another cloud,” said Brian Mack, CRO at Spear Technologies. “By moving to our secure, reliable, and scalable cloud, companies can benefit from an improved experience. Within our hosted environment, they have the ability to make modifications. They may choose to make the changes themselves or have us perform the configurations for them.”
“A key advantage was being able to work with Jose and Brian,” added Shaffer. “They are known as thought leaders within the insurance and claims space, so we had a great deal of confidence in their team. With their background and experience, we knew we wouldn’t have to explain our underlying challenges, as they’re already well acquainted with the business.”

Once George Hills was signed up, the company began to work with the Spear team to lay out a project plan. “We were very intentional about our timeframe. We didn’t want the go-live date to cross into a reporting deadline or the end of a financial period. Instead, we carefully selected a Friday night to have the system go down, and the following Sunday morning, to come back up in the new cloud environment,” said Shaffer.

The migration and go-live were seemingly effortless. “That’s because we performed proper due diligence,” said Shaffer. “We performed a trial migration, testing, and quality assurance to ensure everything went smoothly. The Spear team did a lot of work as well. They familiarized themselves with our environment and helped us size up our requirements. For example, they assessed our user base, volume of transactions, and storage needs, which helped us define our specifications.”

“We believe our investment in Microsoft and our partnership with Spear will provide a strong foundation from which to achieve growth and innovation. We have the flexibility to chart our own course and a cloud-hosting vendor to help us navigate the way. Since Spear understands our business, they can help us execute changes quickly. We’ve already begun to see the advantages of this type of flexibility and service,” concluded Shaffer.

About George Hills
George Hills is a well-respected TPA and JPA management firm. The organization strives to provide the best solutions to its clients and to serve as a true partner. George Hills serves over 300 public and private sector organizations, including cities, counties, school districts, joint powers authorities, transit, insurance carriers, and private sector organizations from a broad spectrum of industries. It strives to provide an unmatched level of service, to foster trusted relationships with customers, and to deliver quantifiable results. For more information, visit

About Spear Technologies
Spear Technologies aims to provide property and casualty insurance companies with an enterprise claims management system for the future. Developed on the Microsoft Power Platform, SpearClaims delivers unparalleled control, speed, and results. By leveraging this top-rated low-code / no-code development platform, Spear Technologies empowers companies with the ability to easily and quickly configure and tailor SpearClaims to meet their unique needs. SpearClaims’ architecture provides the capabilities for using built-in AI and automation tools to extend capabilities for competitive differentiation and results. For more information, visit



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